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I've had a diverse music collection (Records, CDs, Tapes) for over forty years. The following would have to be considered my top ten favorite artists...well, today anyway. I expect this to change. This list doesn't include classical and "real" jazz.

In no particular order:

Elvis Costello

The Beatles
RIP John & George (Harrison & Martin)

RIP Harry


Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks



RIP Randy California

Blood Sweat & Tears (the first album w/Al Kooper:
"Child is Father To The Man")


RIP Arthur Lee
& Bryan MacLean

Joni Mitchell

Pink Floyd ("Dark Side..." & before)

For a great band, VERY obnoxious website. Disables "BACK"
on my two browsers - N'scape & MSIE.


In a class by himself: Paul Simon

Honorable mention:
Richard Thompson
Curtis Mayfield (RIP)
Bob Dylan
The Kinks
Ray Charles (RIP)
Emmylou Harris
Louis Armstrong (RIP)
The Band
(RIP Levon Helm, Richard Manuel & Rick Danko)
Suzanne Vega
Taj Mahal
Frank Sinatra (RIP)
The Beach Boys
The Who
(RIP Keith Moon & John Entwistle)
David Bowie
Van Morrison
Stevie Wonder
Pete Townshend
And More

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