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When my partners and I decided to have our company website done professionally, I was, as the saying goes, out of the loop. I originally presented them with the idea of having a website for our company. I offered to do everything to that end. I learned (just) enough HTML to create a simple web site, which I made using a text editor, NOT a website "authoring program". I registered the name and found a company to host it. For several years I did all the FTP work and maintained the site.
I answered all the e-mail and filled all the orders. It wasn't a ton of work, but it was a lot to add to my already busy schedule. For the most part, I was relieved and pleased with the decision to hand off the responsibility. The downside was that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing it. Having my own website seemed like the obvious solution. Now, I just need to figure out what the hell to do with it.

Good judgement comes from experience...
experience comes from bad judgement.

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