Of the thousands of photographs I've taken - commercial, weddings, portraits, pleasure, vacation, various concerts and venues, family and friends, etc. - there are probably no more than a handful or so that I would consider good shots. That would be a picture or a subject that is intereseting. Here are a few.

Larry Coryell @ Ultra Sonic Recording Studios in Hempstead, NY - about 1973. When WLIR was a real radio station, they used to have live concerts every Tuesday Night. Thanks to Mark Jacobson, I was fortunate enough to have gone to many.

One of a very few of my photos that I like

Elvis Costello @ Forest Hills Tennis Stadium (or whatever it's called) about 1981. That's bassist Bruce Thomas in the lower right corner

A Cadillac station wagon complete with roof rack.
I took this picture about 1970 near Sutton Place in NYC.
I've never seen another one since.

I don't remember what time
of day this was really shot.



Double exposure of
Andrew and Angela.